What is a Trichogramma? Best to know and pro tips!

What is a Trichogramma? The Trichogramma is a microscopic examination of the hair roots. When to do this examination? When there is a suspicion of hair growth abnormalities, especially in the case of diffuse or sudden hair loss. A doctor prescribes a Trichogramma. What is the purpose of a Trichogramma? This examination precisely measures the […]

Hair growth: best tips to boost it and grow luxuriant hair!

Hair is a crucial part of our appearance. Good hair makes a good day, while bad hair can quickly make us look older and less dynamic. How to boost hair growth to get luxuriant hair? Hair growth: how does it work? To understand the mechanism of hair growth better, let’s take a closer look at […]

Stem cells transplant: myth or reality? Best facts!

People have become fascinated with research and innovation for beauty, especially in new hair transplant techniques, such as using stem cells to grow hair. Is stem cells transplant possible? How does current hair transplant work? Hair transplant has been around for decades. The core principle remains unchanged: harvesting hair follicles on the back of the […]

Osteoporosis medicine would help to grow hair: best to know!

British researchers found that osteoporosis medicine would help the hair to grow. Osteoporosis medicine to grow hair: WAY-316606 Doctor Hawkshaw’s team from Manchester University published in the scientific journal Plos Biology the results of a study on an osteoporosis medicine’s ability to grow human hair. This medicine is known as WAY-346606. Researchers studied biological and […]

Go bald in your 20s: how to face it and the best solutions!

Is it normal to go bald in your 20s? Many young men face hair loss and wonder what is wrong with their hair and why they start shedding at such a young age while their friends still have plenty of hair. Why do some guys go bald in their (early) 20s? Here is everything to […]

How often to wash your hair? Life-changing tips, best hair!

How often to wash your hair? This question is a global issue. The dilemma is: washing hair too often damages them, but not washing it enough makes us look like low-hygiene hobos. What is a good frequency? Like the no-poo movement, some trends assume to have the best solution to this problem. How often to […]

Best vitamins for hair growth: life-changing tips!

The importance of vitamins for hair growth is well known. Many causes can lead to hair loss. Improper vitamins intake often causes significant hair loss, as the hair is very sensitive to imbalance and change. Five best vitamins for hair growth A proper intake of those five vitamins is crucial for hair growth, especially after […]

Nutrients deficiency and hair loss: life changing tips!

Are nutrients deficiency and hair loss linked? Hair loss causes are multiple; from genetics and emotional trauma to autoimmune diseases and hormonal imbalance, many factors can lead to baldness. However, one of them is nutrient deficiency is a very prevalent one. Hair needs a proper amount of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to grow healthy. All […]

Is onion juice for baldness efficient? Life-changing tips!

Onion is known for its incredible health benefits: it helps prevent cancer and control blood sugar, among others. Onion is also an excellent ally for luxurious hair: it boosts hair growth and volume. Onion juice is a well-known home remedy for many hair issues. Here is everything to know about onion juice for baldness! Onion […]

Does stress cause grey hair? Best facts & life-changing tips

Does stress cause grey hair? Many relatively young people notice their hair starts turning grey. In many cases, stress is to blame. In our modern world, stress is a chronic condition for many. Stress is a silent killer: it causes many health problems, including hair problems. Stress-related hair loss and grey hair are the most […]

Psoriasis and hair loss: everything to know and best tips!

Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin disease, causing dry patches on dryer areas such as elbows, knees, feet, or scalp. On the scalp, psoriasis may lead to hair loss. How are psoriasis and hair loss linked? Scalp psoriasis Technically, psoriasis may be located anywhere on the body. On the scalp, psoriasis may cause hair loss because […]

How to protect hair against air pollution? Best tips!

Pollution is everywhere. Every day, we are exposed to lots of toxic components. A study measured how fuel particles and dust affects human scalp cells. This study found that pollution cause hair loss: air pollution decreases the levels of four essential hair proteins (beta-catenin, CDK2, cyclin D1, and cyclin E). Without them, hair strands fall […]

Is it safe? All topical finasteride myths debunked!

Most people researching to get their hair back come across topical finasteride. The topical version of finasteride would present less health risk than the oral one, even if they have similar ingredients. Many myths surround topical finasteride as it is a relatively new product. People tend to misunderstand how those substances work and fuel this […]

Mesotherapy for hair

Mesotherapy is the new cool. Many women whisper its name: it would be the magical way to get Disney princess hair. What is mesotherapy for hair? Is it efficient? Can I go from thin and fragile hair to Rapunzel locks with mesotherapy? Let’s sort the advertising promises from the fundamental science facts! Mesotherapy for hair: […]

Who are the celebrities facing hair loss ? Best facts!

Celebrities are just the reflection of society. They are suffering human problems just like the rest of us. If money and fame help with some issues, they are not helpful for cureless health problems such as androgenic alopecia. Who are the celebrities facing hair loss? Here is everything you need to know about them and […]

What are the benefits of mesotherapy? Best to know!

Mesotherapy is the new trendy technique to get luxuriant hair. Many women, and some adventurous men, gave it a try. Is it efficient? How does it work, and what are the benefits of mesotherapy? Here is everything you need to know! How does it work? Mesotherapy involves injections of nutrients directly into the scalp. Those […]